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The indenpendant swiss company Protocast GmbH offers different helpful therapeutic items for animal and human wellbeing.

We sell the following brands which may be helpful for human and animal health and performance.

Supplements from Equine and Kinetics Products and Vitaring Bio-Systems.

Back on Track ceramic fabric for people, horses and pets.

Fal Pro top class rugs as well as other state of the art top quality horse articles for professional as well as hobby riders.

GSC is our own brand of tack, hand made in Switzerland to order.

Furthermore you will find the complete Back on Track range, different therapeutic aids as well as brand horse boots, rugs and accessories.

We offer Equilibrium, Premier Equine and Dalmar boots. As we are what we've eaten you will also find a comprehensive range of horse and pet food.

Details on Company: Protocast GmbH
Lieu:Blumenmatt 7
2572 Mörigen
Tel direct 079 333 61 77

Shop and mail order unit:
Return adress
Hauptstrasse 129, 2572 Mörigenbr> Phone 032 333 16 68
Reason: Trade with items of all kinds, mainly horse sport and tack as well as equine therapeutic aids. Furtermore therapeutic aids for people.

Company registration number, CHE-
Business Registration

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  • Pricing The prices are calculatd on normal commercial basis, these exclusive articles just happen to cost a bit more. Prices include VAT, P&P will be added to your invoice. The prices online are valid.
  • Orders You may order by phone, mail , personally or thru the online shop, we do not validate orders. The Online Shop will send you an automatique confirmation
  • Delivery We proceed to your order as soon as possible. If you have open invoices which are due, we will not deliver you until payments has been recieved. If an article is out of stock we will let you know, please note that we do not notice you if delivery can be done within 2 weeks. Any order not returned in due time is payable withinh 10 days..
  • Payments Your invoice is on the parcel or enveloppe. Please make sure to pay within 10 days. It may happen that the invoice follows by separate mail. New customers wil be asked for pre payment if their first order is over Fr 400.
  • Export to EU only with pre-payment The VAT and custom charges are at your cost, they will not show on are invoice,. No exchange or return on international sales.
  • Payment delay The payment delay is ten days. Reminders after a 30 day delay are charged Fr 10 each, any cost for cashing the invoices will be charged to customer.
  • Exchange rights If an article doesn't fit or do not correspond to your expectations you may return it unused and with its original packing withing 5 days, providing us with the invoice.
    Design rugs from Thermatex or stitched jackets etc cannot be returned or exchaged.
    Horse and dog rugs mut be clean with no hair on it, if soiled with hair we cannot accept it.
  • Reclamations If your articles shows an deficiency, please conatct us withing 8 working days in written or by e-mail. If the is no error from the buyer we will exchange the articles. Used horse rugs or dog coats will, as a general rule, not be exchanged .
  • Liabilty We cannot accept any liabilty on the items bought for incorrect use, or dosage as well as we cannot be held responsible for any therapeutic success. Sadly none of the manufacturer do expressively give a warranty.
  • Place of jurisdiction We obey to swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is CH 3270 Aarberg