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New homepage, finnaly, after lots of work we have finnally a nice and comprehensive shop for you.
If you encounter any problems ordering online, please do contact us by phone.

RAMBO GRAND PRIX the new extra heavy weight competion fleece, Rambo will bring you a whole series of high qualty design competion sheets for the spring. So you watch aout for the news!

In this new shop you will find more tack, after agreement with professionals we are now able to offer more tack, of course the saddles will be fitted by professional saddlers.
Thursday and friday afternoons you will encounter Josy Grosjean in the shop.

We now offer the entire range of RAMBO rugs to order.

DODSON AND HORRELL QUALITY horse feed available dircetly from us!

Check out our range of grooming products, you might be surprized!

We will be on the follwing shows for you:
Equidays in September
CSI-W in Geneva in December
CSI-W in Zürich in Janruary