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Back on Track mesh coat
Extra light, therapeutic sommer or indoor coat
SFr. 98.00
Rambo Dog Rug
Sturdy waterproof dog coat NEW IN FLUORESCENT YELLOW
SFr. 79.00
Back on Track standard dog coat
Water resistant therapeutic rug, to order
SFr. 98.00
Back on Track Teckel-coat
Therapeutic rug
SFr. 113.00
Back on Track padded waterproof Winter-Coat
Padded, waterproof therapeutic coat
SFr. 116.00
Back on Track K9 leg wraps
Therapeutic leg wrap
SFr. 39.50
Back on Track Raincoat
Rainproof, lightweight therapeutic coat, to order
SFr. 101.00
Back on Track K9 hock braces
The Dog Hock Wrap is stabilising, warming and helps to speed up healing
SFr. 86.00
Back on Track Dog Matress
Body heat reflecting dog bed
SFr. 340.00
Back on Track K9 back brace
Allows for increased support to the back during back problems and increases circulation in the exact area where the dog has its back pain.
SFr. 60.00
Back on Track dog blanket
Body heat reflecting dog blanket
SFr. 67.00
Back on Track dog bed pillow N/A
Body heat reflecting dog bed
SFr. 94.00
Comfort Zone Lapel Dog Rug
Luxurious fleece coat, comfortable and versatile
SFr. 49.00
Back on Track Greyhound-Coat
Therapeutic coat
SFr. 134.00
Thermatex Dog Coat
High quality design dog coats
SFr. 84.00
Back on Track Fleece Blanket
Versatile ceramic fabric blanket for you, your horse or your pet
SFr. 109.00